Review: 2014 Hoyt Bows

2014 Hoyt Carbon Spyder 30
As you all probably know, I'm a Hoyt guy.  I shoot a 2012 Carbon Element set at 60 lbs. and a 28.5 inch draw.  I love Hoyt bows, and I love my Carbon Element.  I also work at an archery pro shop here in North Texas.  That being the case, I have the opportunity to shoot almost every model any of the big name manufacturers come out with.  Hoyt, Mathews, PSE, Bowtech, Prime, Elite...all!
Yesterday, I got a chance to test out Hoyt's new 2014 models, the Carbon Spyder 30, the Carbon Spyder Turbo, and the Faktor.  I'll tell you up front that when I first saw a picture of the Carbon Spyder last week, I was not impressed by the way it looked.  It just seemed so goofy.  Now that I've actually gotten to pull one out of the box and hold it in my hand, it seems a little less goofy and a little more awesome!
I know what you guys are thinking right now, "How does it shoot man!!!  Tell me how it shoots!!!"  One word...awesome!  Honestly, the Carbon Spyder 30 didn't feel that much different than the Carbon Element.  Seriously, I fail to see a noticeable difference between the two bows when they shoot.  The real money is in the Carbon Spyder Turbo.  That Turbo will blow any other bow out of the water!  The draw cycle is unbelievable!  Let's put it this way, I've never been able to draw a bow much over 70 lbs.  This Turbo was set at 78 lbs. and I drew it back no problem.  At 78 lbs. it seriously felt like only 70.  I'm not kidding.  It's rated at 340 fps, and you can tell by the way it shoots.  Unbelievable!
2014 Hoyt Faktor 34
The other bow I got to shoot was the Faktor.  This bow is sort of stepping up in place of last year's aluminum Spyder.  I love this bow too.  There's a little more hand vibration than with the carbon bows, but the draw cycle is probably one of the smoothest I've ever felt on a Hoyt.  This bow definitely blows last year's Hoyt out of the water!
Overall, I'd tell you to check out all three.  They're all amazing!  But if your shopping for a new bow, or even already have a good bow, but want to see what else is out there, check out that Carbon Spyder Turbo.  I don't care if you're a Mathews guy, or a PSE guy, or whatever...this bow will make you want to shoot Hoyt!  Yeah, it's that good!  2014 Hoyts...A+!!!


  1. I also work at a pro shop (PA) and have the CE with the Fuel Cam.... Hoping this new design will make me jump again...? LOVE the CE and have shot lots of good stuff with it - shoots perfect, hard to get rid of...

  2. I Agree! I'm A Mathews Person...or Was! I Shot The Carbon Spyder Turbo. After That I Ordered One and sold My Z7 Magnum.

  3. I was recently in the market for a new bow, and I have found it in the new Hoyt Carbon Spyder Turbo. I have never shot a smoother bow, and the vibration free shot feeling is like none other. Also on my short list was the Bowtech RPM360, Overdrive, and even the Spyder 30. The RPM360 is very fast and if speed is your number one factor, it should be shot as a comparison. But for me, it vibrated in my hand for about 7 seconds after the shot. Hoyt, dead in the hand. I really love everything about this bow and look forward to tearing up the targets with it as well as filling the freezer. The balance, quality, speed, and general feel of the draw cycle and shot were just amazing to me. I struggled a bit deciding between the Spyder 30 and Turbo, but ultimately figured if it was such a hard decision I would take the extra three inches AtoA and speed and made up my mind. I would recommend this bow to anyone looking, and certainly believe that it should not only be on the short list, but be a reference for what a bow should be. Certainly, the price may concern some, and there are faster bows on the market, but this bow just felt like the complete package to me.


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